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104 Episodes - 7 minutes Full HD

Technique: CGI

Status: Development

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Professor N’Gara is a a sorcerer dog who created a village of magic portals which are conected with different continents through the ancient energy from the archeological park where it is located.
Thanks to N’Gara’s lessons his three students Mafusi – Dada and Thabo will discover the most recondite secrets of theĀ  continents: its wildlife, its charms and its dangers.

Mafusi and the Magic Portals is a unique educational series. Our aim is to make kids aware of other cultures learn and understand them. Through the portals the characters will be transported to different places, where they will learn form different cultures, traditions and animals.

Inspired by ancient culture and wildlife from the big and unknown continent, this series is a journey where the characters help discover endangered species and unique landscapes.